Wind Empowerment 2018 International conference website
30 Nov-14 Dec 2018 Chennai (India)

Author's instructions

Two types of papers can be submitted to the conference: Technical and Scientifc. All the papers will be reviewed, but they will not be reviewed with the same criteria.

  • Technical papers: Their focus should be on the innovation of the technical solution being presented and the reasons for developing it. References should focus on websites and technical work.
  • Scientific papers: Their focus should be on the ideas unders study and the methodology to study them. References should focus on scientific papers.


You can base your writing on the following templates:

Scientific paper template

Technical paper template

Paper themes

All the papers should be submitted to one of the themes of the working group:

  • Technology: Any contributions focusing on technological issues of locally manufactured wind turbines and off-grid systems
  • Maintenance: Any contributions focusing on maintaining off-grid wind energy based systems
  • Measurement: Any contribution focusing on how to assess wind and treat data for low-altitude wind
  • Delivery models: Any contribution focusing on models for transfering technology to the field
  • Market Assessment: Any contribution focusing on methods to assess market conditions regarding off-grid systems
  • Education: Any contribution focusing on methods for educating and empowering people on the field through education


Every paper will be submitted first as an abstract. After revision, all accepted abstracts will be invited to submit a full paper. The full papers will also be reviewed. Some papers will be invited to do oral presentations and some papers will be invited to present a poster.


Abstracts must not exceed 2 pages, including references.

New deadline for abstracts - October 15th 2018

Full paper - Full paper submission has been cancelled

Full papers must not exceed 8 pages, including references.

New deadline for full papers - October 30th 2018

Posters and Presentations

New deadline for posters and presentations - November 15th 2018

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