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30 Nov-14 Dec 2018 Chennai (India)

Wind Empowerment 2018 International Conference: Bringing Small-Wind to Scale

Wind Empowerment bridges the geographical gap between its members by providing a global platform for knowledge sharing, with the overall aim of empowering more people across the globe to be able to harness the power in the wind and provide access to electricity to those that really need it. Our bi-annual conference is the most important moment of the network, where we take the time to exchange on ongoing projects, discuss new issues and aim at new targets for the next 2 years.

Article submission

Participants will provide articles of two types: scientific and technical.

The objective of the conference is to provide a possibility for both academic and field practionners to exchange ideas and views on what is best for rural electrification. Both types of articles will be proof-read, each type with its own evaluation criteria.

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The venue

In 2018, the bi-annual Wind Empowerment conference will take place in India under the theme of bringing small-wind to scale. This is a key issue to the integration of small wind in an energy eco-system where photovoltaic is ever-cheaper and hybrid solutions are becoming mainstream ideas.

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